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Telecare Devices

Flexible solutions tailored to the needs of an individual

Teleacre devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All are designed to be integrated into an Assisted Living or At Home Alarm scenario. As technologies evolve, so does the range of telecare and here at Tynetec we are constantly developing new solutions to support the needs of an individual.  

21st Century Care Solutions

As we move into a more technologically advanced era, telecare devices can play a huge role in supporting those who are vulnerable or at risk to live an independent life with the appropriate level of care and support.

From falls and limited mobility to epilepsy and dementia, there's an opportunity for us all to co-ordinate our care services to benefit the needs of the individual. Telecare solutions provide a flexible way of intergrating multiple devices that can work together to monitor and react to a user's daily activities. By adding cloud based services, these reactive devices can be turned into more intelligent monitoring solutions that can ultimately provide predictive capabilities and give carers an opportunity to interveen before something serious happens. 


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