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In partnership with Anchor

Tynetec provide maintenance for England’s largest not-for-profit housing organisation

Anchor has partnered with Legrand’s Assisted Living & Healthcare division to maintain the grouped living systems and nurse call systems that keep its staff and residents safe and supported. Anchor is England’s largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing for older people, working with more than 40,000 customers.

Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare is providing comprehensive maintenance to all of the Anchor care homes throughout England on a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year basis. The maintenance work will be carried out by Legrand’s Tynetec and Aid Call brands in partnership with two approved installers; S.E.A in Kent and Incom Systems in West Yorkshire. This will ensure the company provides effective ‘on the ground’ maintenance coverage for Anchor’s extensive range of properties.

Tynetec manufactures and supplies grouped living systems, access control systems and telecare solutions to local authorities and housing associations across the UK, and Aid Call has been the leading UK provider of wireless nurse call systems for over 40 years. Together the business units supply Anchor with a complete solution which will maintain the high quality of care the not-for-profit organisation has always provided its residents.

Legrand’s acquisition of the maintenance contract has additionally created five new jobs within the Tynetec and Aid Call business units. Two service engineers and three administrators have been recruited to assist with the maintenance of Anchor’s retirement homes and villages. The team will be communicating with Anchor on a daily basis to ensure that they provide the highest quality of security and support to the elderly population of England.

Sales Director for Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare, Wendy Kendall, commented: “Legrand are proud to be working in partnership with Anchor and we now see ourselves as an extension to the Anchor team, given that we will be working very closely with the organisation to ensure the continued safe provision of their valuable services.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service dedicates new ‘Safe and Well House’ to Billy Graham

Tynetec attends the unveiling of Billy's commemorative plaque

The new Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) ‘Safe and Well House’ was officially opened by Minister for Community Safety, Annabelle Ewing MSP, on 13 September 2017.

The training facility at SFRS Headquarters in Cambuslang, near Glasgow is designed to train firefighters to assist the most vulnerable members of Scotland’s communities. It simulates a domestic environment with hidden hazards which shows firefighters how to look out for signs of danger that could lead to slips and trips, and also identify the needs of those living with dementia.

Assistant Chief Officer David McGown is the SFRS Director of Prevention and Protection. He said: “In this house we can train for a range of circumstances, including casualty handling and falls assessments; bogus callers and even for dealing with evidence of domestic abuse. As the Service transforms to broaden the role of the firefighter, this Safe and Well House training facility will enable us to focus on those priorities as a core part of our training.”

The dynamic Safe and Well House is dedicated to the memory of Billy Graham, whose work within the assisted living and healthcare sector made a positive difference to the lives of many people. Billy, a Business Development Manager for Tynetec, and his wife Lisa were sadly killed in the 2015 terror attack in Tunisia.

During the opening ceremony, Annabelle Ewing said: “Billy contributed so much to ensure that we are seeing the opening of the New Safe and Well House because he cared passionately about improving people’s lives. He recognised the crucial role that technology enabled care can play, as well as the significant potential of the Safe and Well House to improve safety for everyone in their own homes.”

Billy Graham’s family and Tynetec colleagues attended the unveiling of a plaque which commemorates Billy’s work with not only the SFRS, but within assisted living and healthcare.

Tynetec, a brand of Legrand’s Assisted Living & Healthcare division, designs, manufactures and supplies Technology Enabled Care solutions to Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK.

The company’s Telecare products which include At-Home Alarm units, Dementia Clocks, Flood Detectors and Pill Dispensers are featured throughout the SFRS Safe and Well House. Tynetec continues to support SFRS in improving fire safety as well as health and wellbeing outcomes for Scottish residents.

Aster Group launches new Telecare packages to support independence

Tynetec supply Telecare products for Aster Group packages

In partnership with Tynetec and Centra Group, Aster Group has launched Telecare packages which offer added support and security to its elderly and vulnerable customers.

Aster own and maintain over 29,000 homes and provide housing, care and support to 75,000 customers. The housing developer and landlord have been delivering technology enabled care for over 50 years across the South West and, through collaboration, are now able to offer two Telecare package options which aim to empower customers to live their lives as independently as possible in the Berkshire area.

Package one includes a Reach At-Home Alarm unit, Touch Personal Pendant and Smoke Detector which are all connected to an Alarm Monitoring Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Package two has the addition of a Wrist Worn Fall Detector and there are other optional extras available including a weekly email report of the activities logged by the monitoring centre.

The Telecare products in the Aster Group packages are designed, manufactured and supplied by Tynetec, a brand of Legrand’s Assisted Living and Healthcare division.

Tynetec’s telecare devices work seamlessly with the Reach At-Home Alarm unit to support the needs of an individual. Telecare peripherals connect wirelessly to the Reach to allow the user the make an emergency call for help, or make the call for them when recognising their need for assistance.

Billy the assistance dog makes his online debut!

Tynetec raises money to sponsor a dementia dog

Billy, a talented dog with a special job, is now sharing his adventures online as he trains to help people with dementia, mental illness or learning difficulties enjoy a full and active life.

His training has been funded by a monumental effort from the friends and colleagues of the late Billy Graham, a Business Development Manager for Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare’s Tynetec brand, and his wife Lisa, who were tragically killed in the 2015 terror attack in Tunisia.

Billy Graham and his wife had personal experience of the great work that Alzheimer’s Scotland does for dementia sufferers, including supporting his mother who also suffered from the disease.

All those who worked with Mr Graham wanted to honour his memory and whilst talking with Alzheimer’s Scotland, heard about a fantastic initiative called the Dementia Dog project, which trains talented dogs that can make a real difference to the lives of people in the community.

Billy’s Tynetec colleagues made the decision to raise £15,000 to fully sponsor a dog in his name. They took part in a number of events including the Edinburgh Marathon, a 200 mile bike ride from the Grahams’ home town of Perth to Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare’s Tynetec HQ in Blyth, Northumberland, and a quiz night at the company’s annual sales meeting.

In December 2016, the Dementia Dog project was presented with a cheque for £15,975 to enable them to train Golden Labrador puppy Billy as a Community Assistance dog. As Billy undergoes his training, his adventures and progress can be followed online at www.independentforlonger.com

Independent for Longer is a website designed to give practical advice and support to individuals and families coping with disabilities and long-term health conditions who wish to remain living independently in their own homes.

The special website guides visitors to information and personal case studies on various Technology Enabled Care Services (TECs) designed to help users maintain their independence. Tynetec, a brand of Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare, is the company behind the platform.

National Sales Manager for Tynetec, Stuart Carroll, said: “Billy and Lisa were a wonderful couple; they had experience of the challenges families living with dementia face. They also loved dogs and were aware of how much joy they can bring even in the darkest times.

“We all agreed sponsoring Billy was an opportunity to remember some special people in a way that we hope would make them smile and also make a real difference to the lives of others in their time of need.”

To find out more about Billy go to: www.independentforlonger.com

Home is where Assisted Living & Healthcare is

Legrand is the Home of Assisted Living & Healthcare

Assisted Living & Healthcare is a rapidly growing industry in the UK and Legrand, global specialists in electrical and digital building infrastructures, have established a new identity as the Home of Assisted Living & Healthcare.

With the average living age and the number of individuals considered vulnerable or at risk increasing daily, technology is forming a central role in the delivery of cost effective, efficient and reliable social care and health care services. This technology is quickly advancing as the demand for digitally enabled products and services intensifies.

As traditional analogue systems undergo the transition to digital, this is forcing social care and health care services to consider the implications of the digital switch-over on their own existing infrastructures, as well as how new technology could allow them to support additional dependants.

Legrand’s Assisted Living & Healthcare division designs, manufactures and supplies innovative technology enabled care services (TECs) in the UK and Ireland. The division’s new identity brings three separate brands; Tynetec, Aid Call and Jontek together, to position Legrand as a leader in the assisted living market.

Kathryn Burton, Marketing Communications Manager at Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare, explains: “The technology used by social care and health care services must continue to evolve in order to fulfill the needs of those that depend on these services. Our new Assisted Living & Healthcare identity brings our capabilities in marketing leading TECs under one roof.”

“All three brands are very successful in their own right but it was important for us to unite our offering to make it easy for customers to access our expertise and exploit the synergies between our products. This ensures that we continue to provide the excellent products and services our customers have come to expect and in turn, will enable us to continue investing and innovating within the industry.”

The company’s Tynetec brand specialises in grouped living systems, telecare solutions and access control systems which are supplied to local authorities and housing associations across the UK.

Aid Call has been a market leader in wireless nurse call technology for over 40 years, providing a range of products and bespoke solutions to care homes, care groups and hospitals.

The most recently acquired brand, Jontek, ensures Legrand can offer complete end-to-end TECs solutions, which prompted the new identity as the Home as Assisted Living & Healthcare. This business provides monitoring & response centre software solutions, incorporating telecare, telehealth & m-Care, to the public and private sector.

Get ready to go digital

Legrand offers free digital audits to help organisations kick-start their digital journey

As the world transitions from analogue to digital, Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare is leading the digitalisation agenda in technology enabled care services (TECs) by discussing the implications of the switch-over at six Digital Roadshow events across the UK from Glasgow to London.

Analogue technology that has been used to operate TECs across the UK for over 40 years is being replaced by digital systems, with the transition, according to Ofcom aiming to be concluded by 2025. This process has important implications for existing analogue technologies which may continue to operate, but with the possibly of being less reliable.

Legrand’s Digital Roadshow gave service provider organisations a clearer understanding of how the digital transition will affect them and how they can plan for it with minimal disruption. Attendees were presented with the challenges faced by Assisted Living & Healthcare before taking part in a workshop that explored how digitally enabled technology could transform the services they provide.

Wendy Kendall, Legrand Sales Director, reflected: “The Digital Roadshows were a huge success that gave many organisations an understanding of the benefits of digital systems after admitting they initially felt the transition was a daunting process they were unprepared for. We are here to support our customers with knowledge and products that will allow the continued safety and efficiency of their valuable services.”

Legrand are leaders in the Assisted Living & Healthcare market, creating digital solutions with open protocols that support interoperability. The company offers commercial models and flexibility as well as a planned approach to phase out public switched telephone networks.

National Sales Manager for Tynetec, Stuart Carroll, announced: “To help customers understand their current position and how they can move towards digital, Tynetec is offering free of charge digital audits. The aim of these audits is to give organisations an understanding of where they are now and what they need to do next.”

Another newly acquired brand of Legrand, Jontek, has been ahead of the curve for some years now with its provision of digitally enabled monitoring systems, which give alarm centre operators the ability to accept calls from analogue and digital systems on one platform.

“The transition to digital services was always going to happen and our customers can be confident that we are fully prepared to support them. We’ve already planned for the switch-over which makes us best placed to help customers with their own journey,” added National Sales Manager for Jontek, Trevor Hoggard.

To find out more about the digital agenda or book your free digital audit email: sales@tynetec.co.uk

Legrand acquires Jontek

Jontek joins the Assisted Living & Healthcare divison of Legrand Electric Ltd

As leading innovators in Technology Enabled Care services, Tynetec are delighted to welcome Jontek Ltd to its Assisted Living & Healthcare Business Unit of Legrand Electric Ltd.

The acquisition of the Stockport based Jontek Ltd by Legrand, see’s a further investment into the Assisted Living market and strengthens the group’s capabilities to deliver digital platform solutions to support those who wish to remain independent in their own home or with an appropriate level of carer support.

The deal was announced jointly by Chris Dodd, Managing Director of Legrand’s UK Assisted Living and Healthcare Business Unit and John Mooney, Managing Director of Jontek Ltd.

The Jontek brand has been at the forefront of monitoring for over 20 years and their Answer-link Monitoring Software Platform is the perfect complement to the Tynetec product offering of At Home Alarms and Assisted Living Call Systems.

Managing Director, Chris Dodd commented “The acquisition of Jontek Ltd provides us with a fantastic opportunity to offer complete, integrated solutions to all of our clients, adding greater value and enhanced digital capabilities.”

John Mooney added, “To achieve our long term goals of accelerating our market positions both nationally and internationally, Legrand will enable us to continue to invest strongly in what we believe to be the most advanced monitoring software on the market. Combining Tynetec product hardware and Jontek software will provide significant benefits to better service both of our customers.”

Chris Dodd concludes, “Historically, both Jontek and Tynetec have been committed advocates of an open protocol philosophy. This will continue to remain one of our primary considerations when developing integrated digital solutions and innovative IP care platforms of the future.”

For further information contact Chris Dodd on telephone 01670 352371 or email marketing@tynetec.co.uk