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GPS Location Service

Keeping people safe even outside of the home

For those who are vulnerable when they step out of their home, a GPS location service could provide them with the peace of mind that they can maintain their independence whilst being only a call away from help and support.

Supporting people in the community

Although Technology Enabled Care Services have traditionally been implemented inside someone's home, there's now nothing to stop us from expanding these services once someone opens their front door and steps out into the community.

A variety of devices have been developed to support such scenarios and through expert assessment, we are now able to offer indivuals with ability to roam freely in the community without being more than a quick call away from help and support should they need it. For some where they require an automated support mechanism, a GPS device can be set up with geo fences that provide "safe zones" in which a person can move and should they step out of the area, a carer can be immediately summoned.

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