Transitioning from analogue to digital technology

What is the digital journey?

Analogue technology that has been used to operate Technology Enabled Care services (TECs) across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in the UK for over 40 years is being replaced by digital infrastructures.

OFCOM advise that this transition will be concluded by 2025, although in some areas of the UK the work is expected to be completed sooner.

This process has important implications for existing analogue assisted living and TECs technologies. In many cases products will continue to operate, but may become less reliable and more complex to install and manage.

Operators must therefore transition to dedicated, digitally enabled services and solutions in order to support current and future service users.




Executive Summary

Digital Brochure

In comparison to outdated analogue technology, a digital solution offers the benefits of:

  • Always being "on" and connected
  • Improved speed of connection
  • Reliability of communication
  • Simultaneous calls
  • Handling large volumes of data
  • Efficient installation
  • Early indication of loss of communication
  • Ability to deliver new digital services
  • Increased operational efficiencies