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Our cloud based intelligent care software is capable of monitoring alarm calls, activities of daily living and telehealth data all on a single platform.


Intelligent Care - Web Based Activity Monitoring Solution

Intelligent Care is a one system fits all approach to the personal monitoring of Telecare & Telehealth as well as the activities of daily living, supporting people to live independently in their own home for longer.


Intelligent Care monitors:

  • Activities of daily living  - the ability to utilise movement sensors, door contacts and intelligent monitoring devices to check that the service user is going about their daily routine as expected
  • Telecare - the ability to monitor the environment and a person’s wellbeing by using devices such as fall detectors, smoke detectors, bed sensors, epilepsy alarms
  • Telehealth - the ability to take daily vital signs readings without the need to visit a local GP practice or Hospital
  • Alarm calls - the ability to see when a call of need is generated to the designated responder


How does Intelligent Care work?

Intelligent Care monitors the daily activity of all devices installed within a person’s property whether they be Telecare, Telehealth or Daily Living devices. All information is transmitted to a web based system where an authorised user (e.g. carer, family member, friend, nurse, GP) can view all activity in a simple graph.
The information gives a real time view of how the person is managing. Should the information being displayed fall outside of a defined tolerance band, the system alerts the user and provides them with an opportunity to intervene by providing the necessary assistance or support.
The system works on a simple traffic light basis to alert the user to a set of parameters that may be outside of the service user’s normal routine.

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