Activity Monitoring

Providing early intervention opportunities to improve the quality of care an individual receives in their own home

activity monitoring

What is Activity Monitoring?

Activity monitoring is the use of all devices installed within an individual’s property, whether they be Telecare, Telehealth or Daily Living devices, to monitor the daily activities of an individual in their own home.

What Is Intelligent Care?

Intelligent Care is a ‘one system fits all’ approach to the personal monitoring of Telecare devices and the activities of daily living, supporting people to live independently in their own home for longer.

Intelligent Care Monitors

  • Activities of daily living  – the ability to utilise movement sensors, door contacts and intelligent monitoring devices to check that the service user is going about their daily routine as expected
  • Telecare – the ability to monitor the environment and a person’s well-being by using devices such as fall detectors, smoke detectors, bed sensors, epilepsy alarms
  • Telehealth – the ability to take daily vital signs readings without the need to visit a local GP practice or hospital
  • Alarm calls – the ability to monitor when a user has made a call of need has been sent to the designated responder

Digitally enabled, cloud based monitoring of all activities linked to an individual's telecare package.

Intelligent Care Monitoring Platform


Intelligent Care monitors the daily activity of all devices installed within an individual's property, whether they be Telecare, Telehealth or Daily Living devices. All information is transmitted to a web based system where an authorised user (e.g. carer, family member, friend, nurse, GP) can view all the activity in a simple graph.

The information gives a real-time view of how the person is managing. Should the information being displayed fall outside of a defined tolerance band, the system alerts the user and provides them with an opportunity to intervene by providing the necessary assistance or support.

The system works on a simple traffic light basis to alert the user to a set of parameters that may be outside of the service users normal routine.


  • A cloud based monitoring platform
  • Monitors the activities of daily living, telecare & telehealth
  • Analyses the data to identify changes in someone's daily routine
  • Operates using a simple traffic light system


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